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Mindfulness Practices for Calming Anxiety: 2 Hr Workshop

We each have a seed of being clear, connected and present within us, but it may feel covered over by anxious thoughts, difficult emotions, and the whirl of daily activities. We have so many pulls on our energy and attention, and our anxiety can escalate. How do we find a calm center in the midst of our busy lives where we can begin to relate from our best self? Mindfulness practices can help! Practices presented in this workshop are brief, simple and can be integrated into daily life, not demanding more of our precious time. They are based in contemporary neuroscience and in ancient wisdom traditions.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Anxiety vs. fear- how are they related and different?
  • A brief overview of our nervous system’s threat response.
  • Basics of what mindfulness is, and what we know about its benefits from recent neuroscience research.
  • Practices for working mindfully with anxiety on multiple levels: body, mind and emotions.
  •  “First aid” for stressful situations.
  • Tools and techniques to change anxious tendencies over time.

Teacher Bio:

Pamela Pollack, LMT, SEP combines sensitivity and presence from her massage therapy work and training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with her own mindfulness practice, study of eastern contemplative traditions and contemporary neuroscience. She synthesizes her knowledge and experience into accessible mindfulness practices for everyday life. As a mindfulness teacher, Pamela is passionate about sharing the tools and techniques that she has found helpful in her own life as well as in working with her clients.