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Flower Power: Harness the Benefits of Flowers

Flower Power: Harness the Benefits of Flowers


  • $ 2500

7:00-8:00PM | August 14, 2018

At WellWorks

Class Lead by: Dr. Lesley James 

Summer is that magical time of year when many of our favorite plants express themselves as flowers. Many enjoy their aesthetic beauty in gardens and kitchen countertops, but did you know that studies show there are both psychological and physical benefits to embracing flowers, from the petals down to the roots?

In this class, you will move beyond enjoying the aesthetic benefits of flowers and explore the positive impact they have on physical and emotion health.

In this hands-on class, you will learn to use flowers in simple tonics, food, and in personal care items.

Takeaways include your own creations, as well as recipes to make at home.