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Keep Your Cool with Summer Tonics and Elixirs

Keep Your Cool with Summer Tonics and Elixirs


  • $ 2000

7:00-8:00PM | June 13, 2018

At WellWorks

Class Lead by: Dr. Lesley James 

Summer has arrived and with it, numerous opportunities to have fun in the sun. However, summer also means rising temperatures that can have serious consequences, such as dehydration. And if you’re participating in physical activity outdoors, or consuming diuretics, such as iced coffee or alcoholic beverages, you can lose even more moisture.

In this hands-on class, you will make cooling and hydrating herbal drinks to replenish fluid and electrolyte levels, keeping the body and skin feeling vibrant. You’ll concoct three summer tonics and elixirs, and bring home recipes to make them at home.