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The Litebook Edge™

The Litebook Edge™


  • $ 17900

The Litebook® EDGE™ emits light that is the equivalent to 10,000 LUX at 20 to 24 inches.  Research demonstrates that the effectiveness of light therapy is less dependent on the intensity (LUX) than on the wavelength of the light. The key wavelengths in fact match the peak wavelengths of sunlight, and are called the ‘action spectrum’ for light therapy. Most users find that they need LESS time (15-30 minutes/day) with Litebook® products than they did with larger, 10,000 LUX units.

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Usage Guidelines

  • Typical usage time is 15-30 minutes a day. Regular daily usage is recommended.

  • Optimally, The Litebook® EDGE should be used first thing in the morning, as early as possible upon awakening.

  • For some people, especially seniors, who fall asleep earlier than they’d like and wake up either too often or too early, we recommend using your Litebook EDGE in the early evening to tell your body that you’re not ready to go to sleep. This will help you sleep through the night and awaken at your preferred time.

  • The Litebook® EDGE should be positioned approximately 20-24 inches from your face, and should be offset slightly from center to reduce glare (SEE DIAGRAM). Can be used on either left or right side, results will be the same.

  • The Litebook® EDGE’s light beam must be directed at your eyes, and your eyes must be open to achieve benefit.

  • Typically, you will recognize when you've received sufficient light - most often by feeling of heightened alertness, energy, and/or mood.